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Download Instagram photos and videos easier than ever


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INSTANT is an app to download any image or video off of Instagram. It does so by saving files directly onto your locally-hosted memory - right on your Android. Even better, you don't really need to have the official Instagram app itself installed onto your smartphone for INSTANT to work. All you have to do is copy and paste the URL for the photo or video you want to save and INSTANT takes care of downloading it for you.

All the photos and videos you download onto INSTANT are stored within their own file directory folder on your smartphone, so accessing them is hassle-free. Plus browsing your files from your photo gallery is also another option. Among its unique features, one thing you're likely to appreciate is that entire 'posts' for each downloaded file are also saved within INSTANT. You can even organize them as you see fit by creating galleries for your favorite posts.

INSTANT is a highly useful app which will prove particularly handy to Instagram fans, or actually, everyone who's ever posted multimedia files on Instagram. Best of all: you absolutely do not need the official Instagram app to use INSTANT to download videos or photos.

Android 4.1 or higher required